3 Things All Smart Home Buyers Do

There Is No Denying The Fact That Home Buying Is Emotionally Gratifying. In Fact, We Will Not Be Exaggerating If We Said That More Often Than Not, The Purchase Decision Is Emotional Than Rational. Many A Time, We Are So Moved By The Rush Of These Emotions That We Enter The Territory Without Doing Any Prior Preparation. Even If Everything Turns Out Alright In The End, The Process Is So Harrowing For A Naïve Buyer That He Is Left Feeling Wearisome For A Long Time. This Buyer Also Runs The Risk Of His Investment Turning Bad In Case Due Care Was Not Taken While Carrying Out The Transaction. The Truth Is That Smart Property Investments Are Made With A Calm And Composed Mind. And, To Be A Smart Homebuyer, One Needs To Possess Certain Traits.

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Keep Calm
It May Have Taken You Just A Day To Decide That You Want To Buy A Property. However, To Make This Happen, You Have To Work Slowly And Steadily Towards The Goal. Being In A Hurry Could Be Sinful Here. Take A Moment And Think…

Perk UP the Passage at Home

A Passage In Any Home, Need Not Be A Dull Space That Is Wasted. We Look At How Home Owners Can Spruce Up This Space, With Just A Little Creativity And Imagination Most Houses Have A Corridor, Which Home Owners Can Decorate Using Innovative Ideas, To Add A Unique Touch To The Home. The Walls Of The Passage, For Example, Can Be Used To Create A Memoir Wall Of One’s Travels. “From Collages Made Of Boarding Passes, Colourful Small Maps And Tickets, To Postcards Collected During Your Travels, You Can Use The Wall To Create A Memory Lane Of Sorts. You Can Also Display Inexpensive Drawings And Posters From Street Artists. One Can Also Use The Passage As A Photo Area, To Hang Pictures Of The Family – Including Joyous And Serious Photos That Make You Smile When You Look At Them,”

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Ways To Brighten Up The Corridors
Passages Are Often Dark, Which Makes The Space Appear Small And Unattractive. This Can Be Easily Solved, With Some Bright, Coloured Lamps And Lanterns. “One Can Ch…

Vastu Shastra Tips for a Temple at Home

DECEMBER 13, 2017 When It Comes To The Temple Or Prayer Area In A Home, There Are Several Vastu Shastra Guidelines That Should Be Followed, To Ensure Maximum Positive Effects For The Home’s Inhabitants. We Examine The Dos And Don’ts The Temple At Home, Is A Sacred Place Where We Worship God. So, Naturally, It Must Be A Positive And Peaceful Place. The Temple Area, When Placed According To Vastu Shastra, Can Bring Health, Prosperity And Happiness To The House And Its Occupants. Although A Separate Puja Room Would Be Ideal, This Is Not Always Possible In Metropolitan Cities, Where There Is Space Crunch. The Temple Area, Should Be A Zone Of Tranquility That Is Full Of Divine Energy, Says Mumbai-Based Nitien Parmar Of VastuPlus. “This Is A Space Where One Surrenders To The Almighty And Gains Strength. If One Does Not Have The Space To Allocate An Entire Room For The Temple, One Can Set Up A Small Altar On The East Wall, Towards The North-East Zone Of The House. Avoid Placing The Temple In …

How to Use your Provident Fund to Finance a Home Purchase

Although A Majority Of The Salaried Individuals Have A Provident Fund Account, Only A Few Are Aware That They Can Withdraw From This Fund, For Various Purposes Connected With A House
For Purchase Of A House Or Plot Or For Construction Of A House
Under The Provident Fund Scheme, An Employee Can Withdraw Money From His Provident Fund, After Completion Of Contribution Of Five Years, For The Purchase Of Plot And/Or Construction Or Purchase Of A House. The Loan Can Also Be Taken, For The Construction Of A House On The Plot Of Land Owned By You Or Your Wife, Or Jointly By Both. The Loan Amount Would Depend On The Purpose For Which You Are Taking The Loan. For Purchasing A Plot, The Loan Available Shall Be Restricted To 24 Months Basic Salary And Dearness Allowance (DA), Subject To A Maximum Of The Lower Of Either The Balance In Your Provident Fund Account Or The Cost Of The Plot.
In Case You Want To Avail Of The Loan, To Purchase Or Construct A House, Availability Shall Be Enhanced To 36 Mon…

Maharashtra Bars Construction within 100 Feet of Hill Ranges

Mumbai :There Can Be No New Construction Within 100 Feet Of Foothills Across The State. The Area Will Have To Be Maintained As An Open Space And Reserved As A No-Development Zone.
Two Years After The Pune Bench Of The National Green Tribunal Ruled That No Permission Must Be Granted For Building Construction On Hill Tops (Where The Slope Ratio Is 1:5) As Well As 100 Feet Around The Foothills, The State Urban Development Department Has Directed All Municipal Corporations And Councils Across Maharashtra To Implement The Order.
There Are Essentially Three Hill Ranges In The Suburbs Close To Mumbai—The Kharghar Range (Part Of The Sahyadris), The Ulwe Hills And Those Along The Thane-Belapur Belt, Where Quarrying Also Happens.
A Plea Had Been Filed Before The Tribunal In 2014 Following Indiscriminate Cutting Of Hills In The Katraj Ghats In Pune. In 2015 The Tribunal Ordered That For 100 Feet From The Foothills Of The Hills No Building Construction Must Be Allowed.
The Notification States Tha…

10 Timeless Home Decor Trends

Keep Your Style Fresh For Years To Come Keeping Up With The Trends In Home Decor Can Be Tough. So This Year, Why Not Opt Out Of Following The Latest And Greatest, And Choose Timeless Home Decor Style Over Fleeting Fads? We've Got 10 Home Decor Trends That Will Keep Your Style Fresh For Years To Come.

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1. Minimalism
No Matter What Year It Is, Less Is Always More. The Less You Have Crowding Your Shelves And Tables, The Better Your Home Will Look -- And The Less You'll Have To Dust! The Same Goes For The Layout Of Each Room. Stick With Furniture That's Proportional To The Room So The Space Doesn't Look Crowded.
2. Accent Color
Trendy Colors Change Year To Year And Season To Season, But A Room Always Needs A Bit Of Color To Really Pop. Rather Than Investing In An Orange Couch Or Painting The Living Room Aquamarine, Choose Accessories Such As Throw Pillows, Vases And Even Art In Bold Accent Shades. These Are Easy To Swap Out Every Season Or The Next Year.
3. …